Welcome to my site!

I am a Cyber Security & Networks Graduate from Glasgow Caledonian University. I decided to make this website as a way to learn some basic HTML and CSS, whilst also being able to experiment and mess around with other things such as hosting my own email server, file server, and running a publicly available instance of searx.

I am currently hosting a startpage (which acts as a fancy bookmark page), a searx instance (privacy-respecting metasearch engine), and a file server. The file server has both publicly and privately accessible directories. I will be using the public directory to host resources that may be of use or interest to others.

I also offer various IT services for individuals local to my area, as well as free IT advice to everyone and anyone. I am a huge proponent of online security, privacy, and open-source software. I am happy to offer advice surrounding these areas to anyone who is looking to learn more about them.

Contact: sam@smlnd.xyz